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Tel 01279 905 851

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What are the starting prices?

You can invest from £25,000 and sole ownership starts from £85,000

Can I rent my lodge out when I am not using it?

Yes you can earn an income when you are not using your lodge and you do not need to do anything except enjoy your investment as we will fully manage your lodge.

What happens at the end of the 3 year ROI agreement?

We would like you to continue renting the lodge out as we will still have a huge demand for holidays or you can keep it for personal use or we can help you sell the lodge.

How long is the licence?

You receive a 50 year licence with your lodge that will be re-newed each year after the 50 years free of charge

Can I live on the park?

The park is open for 12 months of the year and you can use the lodge as often as you like. Please contact our specialist team if you would like to discuss this life style option.

Will my lodge depreciate?

Lodges are built to residential specification and do not depreciate as long as you are looking after the lodge.

Is it lease hold or free hold?

Neither, you have a license to occupy the plot and pay a site fee each year. The park has no claim of ownership over your lodge. The licence agreement protects your right to have your lodge sited on that plot for the term of the licence agreement.

What are the site fee’s?

Fees range from £3,000 – £4,500 per year depending on park.

How does Part Exchange work?

We will buy your property for cash.

Can we help?

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