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Lodge Investments

The Dream Lodge Group has eight stunning locations in some of the most sought after tourist destinations in Britain. We are one of the UK’s leading park operators. Founded in 1966, we have eight offices around the country and nearly 150 permanent members of staff. Our headquarters are in the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside but the company grew from our first park in Norfolk. Since then we have developed and acquired exclusive parks in beautiful locations.


Anyone buying one of our superb Lodges receives an excellent return on their investment plus access to a superb holiday home. Our investment options allow you to choose between a regular monthly income or a lump sum plan. This means you can either enjoy a Guaranteed 8% return per annum over three years (paid monthly) or, you can take a three to four year term which provides a lump sum at the end of the plan.

We currently live in uncertain times. Banks are offering interest rates on savings accounts which are below the rate of inflation. The stock market has been volatile after the worst recession since the war. Government debt looks more risky than at any point in the last sixty years. Increasingly, investors are looking for a safe option and a fixed return.

We think there is strong growth potential in the tourism industry in the UK. With one of our Lodges you can generate an attractive return and put your feet up to enjoy your own exclusive location.

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