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The Benefits of Lodge Investments

The information provided here is intended for investment customers only. If you wish to purchase a holiday home as a lifestyle choice primarily for your own use, please see our separate Lifestyle pages. The Dream Lodge Group is not authorised to provide financial advice. You should seek independent legal, financial and taxation advice as appropriate in connection with any planned investment.

Our Investment Options
When you purchase one of our lodges we provide a range of options that guarantee a rate of return over a period of three to four years. This enables you to select an option which is suited to your financial and lifestyle needs. Some people choose to rent out their lodge 100% of the time; others elect to take advantage of their annual allowance and enjoy their exclusive lodge themselves. You can decide the option most suited to your needs.


What is included in your purchase?

When you purchase your lodge you will receive:

– Your fully furnished lodge.

– A fifty year license on the park you have chosen.

– A guaranteed rate of return.

– An option to give back your free weeks to increase your rate of return.

– The option to join the select letting service upon completion of the three to four years.