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Why Invest

The information provided here is intended for investment customers only. If you wish to purchase a holiday home as a lifestyle choice primarily for your own use, please see our separate Lifestyle pages. The Dream Lodge Group is not authorised to provide financial advice. You should seek independent legal, financial and taxation advice as appropriate in connection with any planned investment.

- You’ll have a choice of eight stunning park locations in the most sought-after tourist destinations in the UK.

- Massive multi-million pound marketing campaigns to promote your holiday lodge.

- A minimum return on investment of 8% – Guaranteed for 3 years!*

- The Dream Lodge Group is the fastest growing luxury lodge holiday park company in the UK.

- One of the lowest commission rates in the industry.

- A fully comprehensive letting service to support you every step of the way.


Tourism is a significant part of the UK economy. There has been sustained growth in the industry over the last few years even though the country has been facing austerity and cutbacks. Travelling abroad is becoming more expensive which means holiday destinations in the UK have been growing in demand.

We believe tourism in the UK is going to continue to grow. The Dream Lodge Group constantly keeps up to date with the latest industry trends and reports. This enables us to plan our own investment into our parks and help you to make informed decisions.

In November 2013, Deloittes published a report entitled “Tourism: jobs and growth – The economic contribution of the tourism economy in the UK.” We can send the report if you would like to read it in detail, but we have provided some of the key findings below…

Tourism, or the ‘Tourism Economy,’ is worth the equivalent of £127bn each year. That’s 9% of the nation’s GDP in 2013.

The UK holiday park industry represents 15% of Britain’s entire tourism economy and accounts for 22% of all ‘holiday bed nights.’ This is the measure of the number of nights spent in different forms of holiday accommodation. In other words, when people are on holiday around one in five nights is spent on a holiday park.

Tourism is expected to increase to £257bn by 2025. This forecast would be 9.9% of GDP.

The predicted average growth rate of Tourism is set to be greater than the entire British Economy. The average growth rate of the Tourist Economy between 2013 to 2025 is estimated at 3.9%. The British economy, over the same period, is predicted to grow by 3%.

Domestic Tourism is expected to increase at a faster rate than people travelling overseas. Domestic tourism is predicted to grow at 3% whilst overseas travel will record only 1.5%.