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living areas of country retreat lodge

Country Retreat Lodges At Our Country Parks

22nd November 2016

Fans of contemporary chic will be delighted by the distinctive design of the Country Retreat Lodge. This former ultimate lodge of the year winner beautifully balances romantic aesthetics with modern furnishings and a collection of vintage items, all in our picturesque Dream Lodge park settings to deliver an indulgent escape from the city.

Outside Country Retreat Lodges

country retreat lodge dark exterior

All our luxury lodges for sale boast their own unique appearances but none quite match the instant appeal of the Country Retreat’s brickwork and wood exterior. Clean, crisp lines form the windows, which are highlighted with striking dark wood accents. These perfectly complement the neutral painted palette to create an industrial inspired look that will stand the test of time.

You can also choose to have fitted decking added to the outside of your lodge. This provides the ideal space for summertime barbecues or relaxed evening dinner and drinks under a canopy of stars.

The Country Retreat Kitchen

black and wood kitchen in country retreat lodge
The handsome design style continues inside to the kitchen, with lustrous black units, yellow stone brickwork and solid oak worktops. This stunning space comes fully equipped and sits at a lower level to the rest of the lodge, set apart from the lounge area by a set of stairs. This adds a wonderful new twist to open plan living and blurs the lines of distinction between the different rooms.

Alternatively, you can choose to set the lounge at a lower level instead. This maintains the spacious atmosphere of your home while adding a cosy and snug living room atmosphere that will welcome you in.

Living Area of the Country Retreat Lodge

Speaking of the lounge (as seen in our feature image), this is simply dripping in luxury and charm, with a spacious layout and thoughtfully hand-picked furniture pieces. In the warmer months, the sun will shine through the large glazed windows, while smoothly sliding doors allow you to breath in the cool air from the comfort of your home. When winter creeps in, your grand fireplace will become more than just a focal point, adding warmth to every inch of the lodge as you sink into the plush sofa and snuggle up to the stylish scatter cushions.

Sleeping in the Country Retreat

large dark wooden bed in country retreat bedroom
Both the en-suite and the main bathroom, which is located off from the grand hallway, have very much been painted with the same brush as the kitchen. The decadent design is offset with a bold dark mirror tiling. This flows from the floor to the walls to create a spa-inspired look that invites you to utterly pamper yourself.

But when it comes to relaxation, the master bedroom is a masterpiece in design. Decorated in natural woods, understated shades and accents of dark, earthy tones, this room greets you with a sophisticated character. No expense has been spared here, with the antique black king-size bed standing as a statement piece, bookended by an eye-catching oak finished bedstead.

You’ll also benefit from an abundance of storage options. These are all hidden behind wooden double doors that seamlessly tie in with the rest of the bedroom suite, leading you through to your very own dedicated dressing room.

With such an outstanding concept and unrivalled attention to detail throughout every inch of the Country Retreat, it is no surprise that it has fast become one of our most loved new lodges for sale. Get in touch with us today to make it your new home.

To learn more about our Country Retreat Lodges, request one of our brochures. Here you will learn all about your investment options and our extended range of lodges.

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