Tel 0800 150 3333


Tel 0800 150 3333

10am-5:30pm Mon to Fri only

Why Buy

Life at a Dream Lodge park is very different to the pressure and stress of modern suburban living. There’s no traffic rushing past the door, just a special tranquillity that you’ll cherish every time you visit.

You’ll find a community of like-minded people who are always ready to stop for a chat or share a morning stroll. One thing all our owners have in common is that they’ve chosen to live the life they want!

Some people may have bought a lodge as a holiday home where they can visit when they want; a place to spend quality time with the family. Some are about to retire or already retired couples who have released equity from their homes to buy a lodge as well as a permanent home abroad and now divide their time between the two locations.

Whatever your reason for purchasing a Dream Lodge we have a location just perfect for you. Whether it be a lodge nestled in tranquil woodlands, on-site facilities or the idea of close proximity to the coast that captures your imagination, you’ll find it right here!

It’s time to make your dreams come true…