Tel 0800 150 3333


Tel 0800 150 3333

10am-5:30pm Mon to Fri only

Designed & Made in Britain

Many people may not know that The Dream Lodge Group have the prestigious boast that all lodges are manufactured within the UK. With a made in Britain stamp, you can be sure that quality and design will be to the highest standard



The Operations Team at The Dream Lodge Group will help you through each step of the design and purchase process to ensure that your lodge is exactly the way that you want it. 



Manufacturing takes place in the Home Counties in Hertfordshire at The Dream Lodge Group’s Headquarters. A bespoke lodge from plan can take around 5 weeks to build with teams working 6 days a week. 


Dream Lodge

The lodge begins as a timber frame which is placed together by a highly skilled team of engineers and workman. The structure is then erected and insulation, wiring and base plumbing is installed. With the roof then swiftly added, your lodge will begin to look like the fabulous home you have imagined. 


Dream Interior

Once the interiors are installed, soft furnishings placed and fully decorated, your lodge is then carefully transported to park and installed in the plot of your choice. We then later add your Hot Tub and surrounding decking, finalising your lodge which is ready and waiting for your perfect UK stays.