Tel 0800 150 3333


Tel 0800 150 3333

10am-5:30pm Mon to Fri only

There are few lodges that provide this mixture of jaw-dropping style, perfection of mix, overwhelming luxury and stunning innovation delivered with a warm personal approach – La Grande Casa absolutely does!

Bringing two types of design and culture together is a rare achievement in this world, however La Grande Casa does this effortlessly as if it were meant to be. It’s created a lodge design genre of its own. Inspired by authentic Alpine landscapes and the spirit of Tibet and the Himalayas, this lodge has now been awarded Lodge Of The Year Award for 2015, and truly promises not to disappoint.

La Grande Casa is Born

Inspired by authentic Alpine landscapes and the spirit of Tibet and the Himalayas, this lodge has now been awarded Lodge Of The Year Award for 2015, and truly promises not to disappoint. With vast black framed glass bi-fold doors, set in wide board dense cedar, you get the feeling of being at one with the outside environment and nature, while enjoying the luxurious interior.

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Rustic earthly charm

La Grande Casa is The Dream Lodge Group’s latest property, which is an ultra-luxurious 5 star lodge which takes style and design and sumptuous luxury to another level. This lodge is totally exclusive and has a very unique interior styling. The first of its kind and breathtaking. The exterior’s natural finish, shiplap cedar cladding has a rustic earthy charm all of its own which complements the dark grey frames. The square glass panes fabricate a cosy feel inside with luxurious fabrics that softly drape the windows keeping out the elements. La Grande Casa has a complete corner glass curtain with bi-fold doors that open up vast areas of external space to capture those panoramic views from the living area or from the comfort of your bedroom.

Fabulous interiors

The interiors of the luxurious rooms are beautifully decorated with big attention to detail; a perfect synergy of style and sumptuous luxury

Large living area

La Grande Casa Lodge is designed with an exceptionally large open plan living area and a detailed seating area/dining room.

Comfy seating

There is more casual seating with scatter cushions at each end of the fitted units and a spectacular feature stone clad wall.

“We had wonderful views across the woodland and stream behind us. It really is such a tranquil and relaxing place and, with just the birds and local wildlife to break the silence, and we're always looking forward to the next 'holiday' at our very own lodge!”
Mr & Mrs Neale